Month: March 2014



Goodfellas, Casino, The Wolf of Wall Street. Part of what makes these Scorsese films fun to watch is the amount of energy that the beginnings have. They start with energetic scenes so short that they don’t allow you to sink in to your seat or take a deep breath. It makes you feel like you’re on a thrill ride. The BREAKS follows this same formula through out the 9 minutes of the film. A lot of time these modern zany screwball comedies are really bad. Even though it’s only a short film it’s a breath of fresh air to see one that actually works.





Blood Ties


Blood Ties is a impressively shot film as you can see from the very opening. It does a great job at capturing the look and feel of a film noir with the lighting, camera, and set design. Unfortunately that’s where the quality stops. The characters are forced and boring, while the narrative is weak and too long at 15 minutes.



The Quarry


The Quarry opens  with a nice combination that it manages to keep for the film. The camera has a lot of energy, but the music and characters are light and easy going. The story telling is very visual, but there’s just as much focus on the dialogue. The story is simple, straightforward, and something we’ve all seen before, but the directing makes it well worth the watch.