Month: April 2014

A Lonely Silence


A Lonely Silence doesn’t have much of a plot or story, it’s instead a mood piece. It’s goal is to draw you into the world, feelings, and emotions of the protagonist and to care about her. Even though there’s nothing waiting on the other side, the small journey you’re supposed to take with this character is a successful one.

Visually the film is impressive, particularly a really nice shot of the character sitting on her bed.




First Come First Serve

First Come First Serve is a colorful vibrant dark comedy-esque film that’s definitely Quentin Tarantino inspired. The acting can be distracting, in particular one character who is really over the top. The characters aren’t the most believable in the world but the situation they get themselves into, and the fact that everything is so unpredictable makes up for it. It gets really close to crossing the line and being too silly, but it manages to hold on long enough from doing so.






Apocalypse immediately jumps from 0 to 60 and doesn’t let off the gas until the end. It’s entertaining and works on all levels. The characters may be a bit over the top and odd, but they’re fully fleshed out and work perfectly for this story, so there’s no room for complains. While most of these shorts rely on visual shots to tell the story. The characters in Apocalypse are talking throughout the entire thing and the dialogue never drags the story down despite the fact that there’s plenty of room for it to do so.

The tone slightly changes a few times in this. Making it hard to predict if it’s gonna end up as a comedy or tragedy. Which of course is a good thing…

Shot using nothing fancy and entirely in one room, Apocalypse is the ideal kind of film for someone working with a really small budget. A small crew and small pocket doesn’t hold this film back one bit.



The Most Beautiful Thing

For the most part The Most Beautiful Thing is a paint by the numbers, typical “Ordinary girl meets really cool girl out of his league who somehow falls for him”. However it does manage to have an extra bit of depth to it. Though it may be a bit corny, it might still manage to emotionally draw you in by the time that it’s over. The score/soundtrack is overdone and too much out of place. The film manages to make up for it visually though. It has a lot of energy and cuts to keep things flowing along. Particularly the scene around the 3:40 mark is impressive but short film standards.

It doesn’t come without its hiccups, but worth the watch.



The Desk


The Desk is one of the more popular short films on Youtube, and I’d be lying if I said I knew why. There’s essentially no dialogue, the setting is normal, and the characters aren’t interesting. That means that the entire film relies on its concept, which is intriguing but at the same time nothing new or unique. In fact, nearly everything done in this film can be found in some other short that I already reviewed. And as I alluded to earlier, without interesting characters or dialogue, there’s nothing to make this stand out. From a technical standpoint, even though everything works visually. The entire film has a piano score that seems unnecessary most of the time. People say the film is “beautiful” and “cute”, but it’s hard for me to see it that way.