Month: July 2014

The Girl


The Girl is an intimately shot film about love and loss. The short stylish scenes, the narration, and the music give it a nice feel. It has all the style it needs, just wish there was a little bit more substance.






The opening of Secret sparks which looks to be a beautiful and artistic film, before jarringly throwing you into the fire.  A simple and unfortunately realistic portrayal of an English school boy hanging on in quiet desperation. Not easy to sit through, it’s bound to emotionally draw you in, in the same way that many films try and fail to do.


A Hopeless Romantic


The video and sound quality of A Hopeless Romantic aren’t exactly up to par. But while they do leave much to be desired, they’re not bad enough to hide the quality of good filming.

The narrative is fast paced and the style of film making suits it. The film features plenty of short sequences which visually provide the energy needed to keep up with the writing. Also the entire film is narrated, which is rare in shorts. Though not necessary here, the narration doesn’t fail and it arguably makes the film better.

The downside is that the tale and message is one we’ve all heard before, and can predict a mile away.